When it comes to barbecue in New Jersey, you’ll find flavors from across the nation

Barbecue may be messy, but when it comes to barbecue in New Jersey, we don’t mess around. We just grab extra napkins! Here at the Smoke N Grill, we cater to those with a love for sweet-n-spicy, smoky, and downright saucy cuisine. While Texas-style is perhaps the most-craved of barbecue, each region of the United States has its own style. Not quite sure which style will most make your mouth water? Welcome to BBQ 101, Smoke N Grill’s crash-course in regional barbecue!

Texas-Style Barbecue

Central Texas

  • Stemming from the 19th century meat markets of German and Czech immigrants, this style utilizes traditional styles of preparation. It is most known for its carved wood-smoked beef, served with very little (if any) sauce.If you’re craving central Texas-style BBQ in New Jersey, our Texas brisket is the way to go. Because this meal isn’t quite as “saucy” as others, reach for a side of our creamy Texas potato salad, offering just the right complementing texture!


East Texas

  • East Texas is best known for its slowly smoked meat served sandwich-style with lots of thick and sweet tomato-based sauce.When you’re craving the smokiness of East Texas barbecue in NJ, opt for our deliciously smoked hot and sweet sausage sandwich. Combat the smokiness (and increase the deliciousness) with our always favorite side, cole slaw!


North Carolina-Style Barbecue

  • Prizing the pig, this style is known for its pulled pork. Pork is brushed with a mixture of vinegar and spices, grilled, chopped, and served with a tomato and vinegar-based barbecue sauce.Is the description alone making your mouth water? Reach for our delicious and juicy North Carolina Pulled Pork sandwich! Pair it with gooey macaroni and cheese and you’ve got yourself a meal.


Baltimore-Style Barbecue

  • A little closer to home, this style is characterized by one thing: pit beef. Pit beef consists of barbecuing beef over high, indirect charcoal heat for a short length of time, resulting in a deliciously charred outside and a mouthwatering rare/medium rare inside. The beef is then thinly sliced and served on its own or sandwich style.Think you can’t find Baltimore Pit Beef in New Jersey? Think again! Indulge by the pound or sandwich style. Complete your meal by adding our crowd-pleasing sweet potato and green bean salad, providing the perfect combination of color, texture, and sweet and savory flavors.


St. Louis-Style Barbecue

  • St. Louis barbecue is characterized by their preparation of ribs, grilled and slathered in a very hefty portion of a tomato and vinegar-based smoky-sweet, sticky barbecue sauce.Take a trip to St. Louis (well, kind of!) by indulging in our deliciously smoky and perfectly sticky St. Louis ribs. Be sure to stock up on a side of corn bread or Texas toast to sop up all of the additional delicious sauce!


Fortunately, you don’t have to travel across the United States to indulge in these classic styles of barbecue. When it comes to barbecue in NJ, we’ve got you covered – with flavors, textures, and preparations from all around the nation.


Grumbling tummy? We don’t blame you! View our menu, check out our catering packages, or simply come on it and eat. Give us a call today at (609) 838-9114 with any question you may have when it comes to barbecue in New Jersey!