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Winter Grilling Tips for NJ BBQ Lovers

Friday, January 3, 2014

As a NJ BBQ catering company, we know that the winter months can be cold and miserable in New Jersey. However, just because it's cold, doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy some delicious barbecue in New Jersey! Below are some winter grilling tips so that you can enjoy turning up the heat on your grill no matter how cold the temperature is outside.

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by Michele Borboa, MS

Just because winter has turned the weather chilly doesn't mean you have to forgo firing up your grill. In fact, grilling in the winter is a fun and fiery way to eat hearty and stay warm. Here are five winter grilling tips from BBQ king and cookbook author Ted Reader who says, "Have a no fear kind of attitude, keep it simple and make it delicious." What are you waiting for? Turn up the heat!

Winter grilling tips

Known as Toronto's king of barbecue, Ted Reader has put his pyrotechnic charm in print with more than a dozen cookbooks, his latest being Napoleon's Everyday Gourmet Grilling, Napoleon referring to the line of grills Reader considers hands-down the finest. With more than 100 grills, barbecues and smokers in his yard — that he uses — there isn't a lot of question that this man knows how to grill. And that includes all foods in all seasons. Come summer sun or inclement winter weather, there's nothing that should get in the way of good grilled food. You just need to be prepared.

Winter grilling tip #1: Dress warmly
You don't walk out to shovel snow without being well-dressed for the winter conditions and you shouldn't grill outdoors without being warmly clad either. Reader suggests, "Long johns, a turtle neck, layers of clothing, but not so many that you cannot move." In addition, he recommends warm gloves that allow you to move your fingers, such as gloves that have the ability to remove the finger tips.

Winter grilling tip #2: Keep your tanks full

"If using propane make sure your tank or tanks are kept full. Propane does not perform as well in the cold as does natural gas," says Reader. That means check your tank today and get it filled before you decide to fire up your grill. You may also need to give your grill a few more minutes than usual to heat to the proper temperature. If the outdoor temps are frigid, your grill is starting off cold, too.

Winter grilling tip #3: Keep it simple
Because you are braving the elements, consider recipes that are simple and quick so you don't get soured on the experience. In addition, Reader warns that, in the winter, food will take a little longer to cook compared to summer time. He says, "A good positive attitude and patience is very important."

Winter grilling tip #4: Grill with the lid closed
According to Reader, successful winter grilling does require a change in technique. He says, "In the summer I suggest high heat, grill lid open and lower heat, lid closed, but for the winter I say lid closed all the time. You must keep the heat in."

Winter grilling tip #5: Have fun
Think of winter grilling as a culinary adventure. You get to enjoy the fresh, brisk air — hopefully with a few friends or family members — and show winter that its cold isn't going to deter you from delicious grill-fired food. Reader sums it up: "Have fun and you can cook anything."

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